Sunday, 10 November 2013

Evil Lurking Within by Matt Shaw

This is the story of John. With the help of his friend and cellmate Frank, they conspire to kidnap Tom, in the hopes of a large ransom. It goes from bad to worse almost from the beginning however. This is their story, set over the course of five days. Five days that culminate in a horror that no one could have foreseen....

I enjoyed this as much as I have Matt's other books, even though it was something slightly different for him. As ever, I invested my time in the characters to find a huge unexpected twist at the end. With only a small cast, the story was tightly told, and the tension shone through.  The characters were believable, and the story flowed at a quick pace. The twist at the end was totally unexpected and added an interesting dimension to the story, which could have been just a run of the mill kidnap/ransom thriller. This is an another fine release from Matt Shaw.

1 comment:

  1. I was not ready for that twist!! Once I got used to it, I was all about it.
    I really enjoyed the relationship forming between Tom & John. And, I'm happy that the walk into the woods did not go down 'that dark path' that Matt could have taken it down...

    I'd like to see it play out as a 'real life' type of story, too. That kid has a story in him, I feel it! Do you agree? Or, not thought about it?
    Maybe one day Matt will get a itch, or maybe I could get another "Literature-Ly Me" story :D