Friday, 13 June 2014

Nightcrawlers by Tim Curran

This is the story of Clavitts Field. 200 years ago it was burned to the ground amid rumours of witchcraft and demon worship. Now bodies have started to turn up on the site where the town once stood. It is up to the state Troopers to find out what is going on. The local Law Enforcement know, have grown up with the knowledge, but they aren't telling because the horror of the truth is too much to put into words......

This was amazing! It was gross and scary and trippy all at the same time. The pace belted along and I had no choice but to hang on tight as I was taken on the ride of my life. I thought that the Nightcrawlers of the title might refer to Zombies, but actually it is something far worse, and believe me when I say I am NEVER going pot holing now I have read this book! Two thirds of the way in and the atmosphere was so claustrophobic, I had to read through my fingers almost as I trembled in my comfy chair! The ending was well written and answered any lingering questions I may have had. I totally recommend this one as a brilliant example of a claustrophobic and tense novella.

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