Monday, 9 June 2014

Rotting Dead F*cks by Matt Shaw

This is the story of Ted. He is the worst type of racist bigot ever to walk the earth and has psychopathic tendencies on top of that. One day the world goes to hell literally when a virus is unleashed and the dead start to walk again. For most people this would be a nightmare, but for someone like Ted it is an opportunity for him to indulge in his darker side without fear of repercussion.....

 I really enjoyed this. Matt clearly had great fun writing it, and it shows in the standard of the writing. For those familiar to Matt's work, I would say Ted is a lot like Peter but without any of his likeable qualities - Ted really is an odious character. Be warned, some of the things he does may upset some readers. But then that's why Matt has included a warning on the front of the book! The story flowed well, going from one characters story to the next by chapter. The ending was brilliant, with one character receiving a richly deserved come-uppance! I recommend this for fans of extreme horror. 

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