Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Art by Matt Shaw & Michael Bray

This is the story of a serial killer bent on creating a gallery of gruesome displays, and the detective assigned to catch him. Before too long the chase starts to become personal. Can Detective Andrews catch him before anyone else dies, and before his family are at risk?

This was an all out no holds barred serial killer thriller/horror. I loved it, and read it in two sittings, and loved it so much I read it twice! Written equally by Matt and Michael, it wasn't difficult to tell whose role was whose, and they clearly had great fun writing the book. The characters were solid, and I love a flawed hero, and Detective Andrews was certainly that! The pace rocketed along, the level of gore was just right. The ending was unexpected and shocking and fitted in well with the story. I recommend this for fans of serial killer thriller or horror fans.

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