Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Psychopath for Hire by Matt Shaw

This is the story of Nathan Cole. He runs a group for people who have tried to commit suicide, and runs a 'special' one to one service for the more determined. Enter broken, alcoholic ex-detective Martin Andrews. He has been told about the service by the only client Nathan let go. What he uncovers is interesting to say the least....

This is a stand-alone book, but you will understand much more of the back story if you have previously read Art and Seed. I felt odd rooting for the bad guy, (Made me feel like I was reading Peter again!) but that is exactly how I felt whilst reading. It is told from Nathan and Martin's POV in alternating chapters. The gore is there in spades, as is Matt's 'special' brand of sickness. It was nice to see Andrews's story rounded off, and there was a couple of cameo appearances from old favourites. All in all, a must read with a kick-ass twist in the end.

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