Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Travel Agent by Sean Sweeney

This is Jaclyn Johnson's (codename Snapshot) 6th outing. This time around she is taking a well earned rest with Tom and Tasha in Australia. Next thing she knows, she is being accused of trying to assassinate the Israeli PM who is in Australia for a conference. His bodyguard just happens to be their old friend from Mossad. Can Jaclyn find out who framed her, and put them down before anyone else dies, in a country with a 'no gun' law?

This was the usual no holds barred actionfest I have come to expect from Jaclyn. This time Tom and Jaclyn's relationship moved onto the next level and Tasha has a secret that may or may not please Jaclyn. The story built slowly with the action reserved for the last quarter or so of the book. The new characters were great, with the bad guy skating on the thin edge of sanity before totally losing his marbles in a spectacular way. There are also some moving moments, so have some tissues ready!

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