Monday, 16 February 2015

SickER B*stards by Matt Shaw

This picks up exactly where Sick B*stards finished. Brother is back home and is having conflicting feelings about everything owing to his memories resurfacing. Eventually, after Father insists they leave to find other survivors, he tells the Family what really happened. This does not go down well, and Father storms off. Can Brother find a happy ending with his real family or is he destined to live the life he has been for the last few months.

This is typical of a Matt Shaw book, he has the ability to drop you in the middle of the action, make you feel about the characters and then whack you round the chops with a twister of an ending! This was full of gore, and sex and I loved it! If this sort of thing is not for you, then I advise you walk away now. If you DO like that sort of thing, and you like Matt Shaw's books in general then come in, you will not be disappointed!

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