Thursday, 12 February 2015

Blockbuster by Lisa von Biela

This is the story of two pharmaceutical companies, tasked by the President, to battle it out to find a cure for the next generation MRSA. Known as MRSA-II, it is the next superbug, resistant to all forms of medical intervention. One team finds a cure and all looks to be good, until the other team try and make another cure and things begin to get out of hand. Can they find a cure before the epidemic turns into a pandemic?

Set 10 years in the future, the story details the efforts made, and failed by the two companies to find a cure. This was another awesome read by Lisa. I was taken from the first page and swept along, only to come out hours later! The characters resonated with me, and the storyline was top notch. Lisa specialises in stories that give you that 'what if?' feeling when you have read them. I could totally see this happening, with the hospitals closing because of MRSA. This is another top class release from DarkFuse.

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