Thursday, 26 February 2015

It's Only Death by Lee Thompson

This is the story of Elmore, also known as James. When he was younger, he held up a bank and shot and killed his policeman father. He has been on the run for ten years when he gets an email from his sister saying his mother is dying from cancer. Despite the bad feeling towards him, he knows he needs to see his mum before she dies, and decides return to see her one last time. On arriving in town, he realises that he has MANY enemies, not least of which is his dad's ex-partner and best friend, Don, who is out for his blood. Can Elmore get everything sorted, and see his mother before Don catches up with him?

This was a slow burner, but once it got going I really enjoyed it. It was dark and gritty and utterly absorbing. The characters resonated with me and I felt for Elmore's plight. A couple of things didn't make sense, like how would his sister know where he was to email him if he was on the run, and if he was on the run would he come back anyway?? Once I had put those niggles aside however, the story unfolded nicely and I was taken in. A great story with a satisfying ending, but don't expect happy ever afters with this one!

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