Friday, 13 February 2015

Bloodeye by Craig Saunders

This is the story of Keane. He is called to what he thinks is a routine plumbing job, until he turns round and see a woman pinned to the wall. She has a third eye carved into her forehead, and it sends chills down his spine as he has seen the symbol once before, on his late wife's face after she was killed in suspicious circumstances. Suddenly Keane has a fight on his hands, a fight between good and evil, between light and dark.

This was a confusing book, but an enjoyable book. It flicked from past to present, and much of the story is set in the days leading up to Keane's wife's death. I found it difficult in places to keep the threads together but once I had everything straight I was zipping through. This is not a quick read, more a read that needs to be savoured and thought about. Once again DarkFuse has served up a blinder!

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