Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Purr by Elizabeth Black

This is a reworking of the Puss in Boots legend. Muca is 'Puss in Boots'. She is a magical cat that can transform into a sexy redhead dressed in nothing but thigh high boots. She promises some villagers that her master (a poor cobbler who she pretends is the Marquis of Carabas) will save them from a terrible Ogre.

This was certainly a very naughty take on the Puss in Boots legend. Muca makes many promises around the village and then goes to the local hostelry where she transforms into a woman. Once there she meets a nursing mother (who she had seen on the road earlier) and her lover. From there it gets very hot and steamy! The story was quite faithful to the legend up until the sex scenes, which were tastefully done and quite hot.

Another nice little short from this author, I am hoping to read more from her!

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