Friday, 27 January 2012

Stroganov by Ty Hutchinson

This is book two of the Darby Stansfield thrillers and while there is some mention to book one, it is by no means necessary to read it. This works as a standalone book quite well. Having said that, you would be missing a treat but that's in another review! This time around Darby is rescuing kidnapped Russian ministers daughters, fleeing from hired assassins, working with the Russian Mafia and still trying to kickstart his lovelife.

This was fantastic and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Chop Suey wasn't a fluke. It was fast paced with short, punchy chapters that dragged me under and held me there breathless until the conclusion of the book. Along for the ride again were Tav - Darby's long suffering best friend and Harold - Darby's uber-nemesis bent on getting him fired from work. This time Darby is selling to the Russian Mafia and that lands him in a whole new bunch of trouble! As usual he is searching for the perfect girl but again it all goes wrong. All this to a backdrop of simultaneous action and humour.

This is a must read if you have read Chop Suey and a highly recommended if you haven't. A fast paced funny thriller - can't wait for book three!


  1. Sound like fun. No reason a thriller can't be funny too. Hard to believe you can make the Russian mob funny... Probably need to read it to believe it

  2. Wonder if you have read it yet? ;)