Saturday, 14 January 2012

To Sleep Gently - Trent Zelazny

This is the story of Jack. A basically good guy who got put away for 5 years after an armed robbery. He bides his time in jail, reading and deciding on going straight. On coming out however Fate has other ideas. He is put in the path of an old friend who persuades him to do one last job. He agrees, and via a love triangle and meeting up with an old school friend the job begins....

This started off very slowly, almost to the point of me giving up but being the tenacious type of person I am, I stuck with it. I am glad I did because about a third of the way through it grew wings and flew along. The development of Sandra and Jacks relationship was quite sweet, with them keep meeting by chance and then losing touch again. His regret at having to do the job, since he met her was tangible. The meeting with Carla, and her interference in his relationship with Sandra, and regret because his heart was with Sandra was real. Once the job starts that was when everything started to go a bit awry. The action from that point on was unrelenting and I found it really hard to put the book down. The ending was explosive and very exciting!

A good thriller that I recommend for readers who like a slow build up and an explosive ending!

This review was originally written for the TBR Pile.

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