Thursday, 19 December 2013

Mirror of the Nameless by Luke Walker

This is the story of Dave. He lives in a world ruled by three gods, three evil gods at that. They play with their subjects and use them as sacrifices on a whim. Dave's daughter has found a mirror that may be the answer to saving their world, or it could make things a whole lot worse. The problem is Ashleigh has gone missing, and it is up to Dave and Ashleigh's boyfriend Tom to find her. And they must do so before they are turned into sacrifices themselves...

I enjoyed this but found it a little bit perplexing. I think that's because I was struggling to keep up with the three gods! I liked the idea, it was original and so much more than just a dystopian story of three evil gods. It was a story of survival, of family loyalty and of hoping against all odds. If you like your gods evil and your stories dystopian then this is for you.

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