Saturday, 1 February 2014

Harvest of the Dead by Ian Woodhead and Christine Sutton

This is the story of Greendale Falls, a small town in the US, it has been hit with the zombie virus from the UK. The local school principle is head of 'The Enforcers', a band of townsfolk tasked with killing zombies on sight. It is also his job to ensure the town is kept safe from the shambling hordes. Something has happened to him though and is not the man he used to be...

I loved this. It was a great idea to get Christine on board and take the apocalypse to the US, it added a whole new dimension to the series. The characters were brilliant, and their backstories made them seem real.  There was even the obligatory bad guy everyone loves to hate! The pace was relentless, and the ending left the way clear for more. This was another great addition to Ian's Zombie Armageddon series, and with Christine Sutton on board there is a wealth of new content to come hopefully.

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