Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Shattered by C. S. Kane

This is the story of Stacey and Liam.They are forced to move into a tiny apartment in a rough area of the city due to Liam's new job and financial constraints. Almost as soon as they move in things start to go wrong. Stacey begins to have terrible nightmares and alarming visions in the house. As her university work and relationships suffer, she needs to find out what is wrong with the house, and what does the mysterious neighbour next door know about it?

This was creepy and scary, and I found myself totally unable to put it down. I was totally drawn into Stacey's terror as things escalated, and her life started to fall apart around her. The descriptions were vivid, and the tension was palpable and kept me glued to my Kindle. The ending was literally explosive, and (pardon the pun) blew me away. I loved it, and I think fans of haunted house stories will love it too!  

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