Saturday, 8 February 2014

Mr Midnight by Allan Leverone

This is the story of Caitlyn Connelly. All her life she has experienced visions, she calls them Flickers. Given up for adoption soon after birth, she has always wanted to find out about her birth family. Armed with the knowledge of the whereabouts of her birth mother, she sets off to try and find out her family history. The truth she so desperately seeks though may not be what she want so hear, and what is her link to a prolific serial killer known only as Mr Midnight?

This was a belter! I have long been a fan of Allan's work and this one is in my favourite genre of serial killer thriller. The story started off with two distinct threads, and as the story shot to it's startling conclusion they begin to merge into one. The characters were solid, and the story packed a giant punch. Allan certainly knows how to wring out the emotions of a reader, and ramp up the tension! Apart from a couple of squeamish moments, this relied very much on show don't tell. I recommend this totally for fans of the genre, Allan Leverone and Darkfuse.

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