Saturday, 5 July 2014

I am the New God by Nicole Cushing

This is the story of Greg Bryce. A disgraced priest has been writing to him, believing him to be a new God. At first Greg dismisses the idea and ignores him, but as he continues to write, Greg begins to come around to the idea. This sends his life into a catastrophic spiral that he has no control over, and no way back from.

I enjoyed this so much. It was a very different, quirky idea that read really easily. Greg's back story was interesting, and I liked the way we were given little snippets along the way, almost as teasers to the main events. Told predominantly in the two voices of Greg and the hierophant, everything raced along until the catastrophic finale, and the best twist in a book I have read for ages. This is the second book of Nicole's I have read, and I really enjoy her style. I recommend this as a quick, unusual read that may just leave you breathless at the end.

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