Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Rogue by Greg F. Gifune

This is the story of Cam Horne. He has the perfect job & the perfect wife. In short, his life is everything he could hope for. Something is going wrong though and his perfect life is unravelling at the seams. He is awoken by a car alarm every morning and see a strange man in his back yard. After being put on paid sick leave due to uncharacteristic behaviour and having terrible nightmares he fears he may be going insane and his perfect world may be collapsing around him....

This was a really good dark, horror. Greg has this ability to draw you in from the beginning and invest in the characters before taking you on a wild ride. I really got inside Cam's head and felt his fears and worries. When I got to the end there was a totally unexpected twist that knocked me sideways. I love Greg's writing and will continue to look out for his work.

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