Thursday, 31 July 2014

Love Life by Matt Shaw

This is the story of Kim & Kirk. Kim is a prostitute and Kirk a potential client looking for companionship. Kim goes to his house, but it doesn't end well and she ends up running off. Later on that night she is severely beaten and she rings Kirk for help. He picks her up from the hospital and they spend the rest of the night sharing secrets and they find they have more in common than they at first thought...

This was a quick read and typical of Matts style. I got invested in the characters and inside their heads. I felt for Kim (my namesake!) and the situation she has allowed herself to get involved in due to her circumstances. Kirk seemed like a gentle guy who only wanted to help. Then came the mother of all twists that totally derailed me. Well done Matt, you got me again. I understand this is to be a prequel of sorts to an as yet unreleased work. I am looking forward to its release eagerly if this is anything to go by!

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