Sunday, 29 March 2015

Doll Face by Tim Curran

This is the story of five friends who are on the way home from a night out. Deciding to take a shortcut, the find themselves in a town called Stokes. Only Stokes doesn't exist anymore as it was burned to the ground in 1960. Suddenly the find themselves in an epic struggle for their very lives with no way to get out of town....

This was a real head trip but an absorbing story all the same. It built up nicely, and then smacked me in the face with a wallop of an ending. There were a couple of niggles though, one or two character seemed one dimensional and I couldn't really 'gel' with them. That being said they were minor characters so it wasn't too much of a problem. The other niggle was the author's insistence on ramming the insanity down our throats. Every five minutes it seemed we were being told that a character was on the edge of their insanity. These niggles aside it was a great book, that raced along and kept me hooked on every page.

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