Monday, 2 March 2015

Surrogate by David Bernstein

This is the story of Tom and Rebecca. Rebecca is shot one day whilst out gardening and the resulting surgery reveals cancerous ovaries. Left unable to have children, she battles with depression until her therapist offers her a solution in the form of cloning. They are blessed with a daughter, and life seems rosy. Fast forward five years and we meet Jane. Pregnant and stuck in an abusive relationship, she kills her husband and is killed herself in a car accident. Jane, however has more in common with Tom and Rebecca than they will ever know...

This captivated me from the very beginning. It started with a bang and just kept on going, the pace rocketing along. About half way through however things took a horrific and menacing twist and things ramped up a notch. I literally couldn't take my eyes of the page and read the entire novella in two sittings. Despite the small cast, they kept the story going and I believed in them. Another fine release from both David and DarkFuse.

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