Saturday, 29 September 2012

Apartment Seven by Greg F. Gifune

This is the story of Charlie. He thinks his life is perfect until he finds out his wife has been unfaithful. He leaves her and his life begins to spiral out of control downwards. Then he learns she has been seeing a second man, someone who lives on the bad side of town. What is his secret and what is the secret contained within Apartment Seven?

This was an interesting novella.  Over the course of one gritty and grim day we follow Charlie as he tries to make sense of what is going on. It borrows heavily from A Christmas Carol (which itself is featured in the story) but is much darker, and has a huge twist at the end. The authors writing is very descriptive and I found myself walking alongside Charlie as he chased down his demons. It was creepy in places and the pace was unrelenting. I recommend this as a great dark horror novella.

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