Friday, 21 September 2012

The Cabin by Matt Shaw

This is the story of Craig. Hoping for a quiet weekend at his father's old cabin to begin writing his new novel, his wife suggests the whole family go down for a break. After a fairly fraught journey, they arrive to find the cabin has been vandalised. Thinking it was no wonder as no-one has been to the cabin since Craigs fathers death many years before, he and his younger daughter go to the local shop to get cleaning supplies - that's when Craigs troubles really begin...

This was something totally different from Matt. Loosely based on legends locals tell of the local asylum cum retreat, it is a well crafted and very creepy ghost story. It is very easy to immerse yourself totally in the story and be completely unaware of your surroundings. It starts off relatively slowly - and the tension builds up quietly and unannounced in the background until you get walloped in the face by an ending I TOTALLY did not expect! The scary bits were REALLY scary, so much so that I actually scared myself at one point! As a departure of sorts from Matt, I am pleased to say it works, and works well.

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