Thursday, 27 September 2012

The Matador Murders by Jerold Last

This is the fourth book involving Suzanne and Roger Bowman. This time around they are contacted by a South American friend asking them to come and help because a police officer friend of theirs was being accused of murdering his partner in the force. Along with their nanny Bruce and new baby Robert, they fly off to Montevideo to try and solve the murder. Before too long however they find themselves knee deep in drug wars and money laundering. Can they use their world renowned powers of deduction and help their friend prove his innocence?

This is the fourth Suzanne and Roger mystery I have read and once again I thoroughly enjoyed it. Although it is the fourth, very little reference is made to the previous mysteries so it works just as well as a standalone mystery. I loved the introduction of Bruce, as Roberts nanny. He adds a whole new dynamic to the mystery solving pair and it works well. I must admit I did miss the bad puns at the end of each chapter but there were enough sprinkled through the story to keep me happy. The story itself was fast paced and full of action. These mysteries just keep on getting better. Long may they continue!


  1. Egad, you like puns! My husband loved them. He would even make up his own. I can't imagine them in a mystery.

  2. From the author: For a slight overdose of puns (one to end each chapter) try the two previous books in the series, "The Ambivalent Corpse" and "The Surreal Killer". Both can be found on Amazon as Kindle books; "The Ambivalent Corpse" is also available in any e-book format from all of the usual sources. The puns lighten the mood in the dark mystery, which is to my mind a good thing.