Sunday, 30 September 2012

Midnight Solitaire by Greg F. Gifune

This is the story of four strangers. They come together at a motel in a snowstorm. All are being chased down by a deranged and inhumanly sadistic serial killer known as The Dealer. Each of them has a reason for being there and over the course of the night they will fight for their lives. Who will die and who will make it until morning?

This is the second novella from this author that I have read and I was not disappointed. With a principle cast of five, and a barely used motel in the middle of nowhere, in a raging snowstorm made for a pretty tense and claustrophobic read. The first half of the story was spent introducing the characters, and I liked that because it meant you got to know them and care about what happened to them. About halfway through though, suddenly the action kicked in and I was left breathless by the end. The story was quite graphic in its gore, so not for the faint hearted! The ending was explosive, literally and a classic good versus evil battle. This is another brilliant dark horror that I totally recommend.

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