Thursday, 4 October 2012

He Waits by JG Faherty

This is the story of Ron Francis. His brother fell in a well when they were children and died. At least that's what Ron told everybody. What really happened is far more sinister. Now 30 years later, his sons have fallen down the same well, and fearing they have succumbed to the same fate as his brother, he decides to go down the well after them. What he finds down there is far more horrifying than he could ever imagine.

This was chilling and gruesome and horrible. I loved it. It's a quick read, and a captivating one. Ron's anguish and need to put things right shines through and you want to find out what happens to him and his family. The descriptions of the well and beyond were creepy and claustrophobic in places, and made me shiver once or twice! The ending was shocking, with a huge twist. All in all this was a belter.

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