Sunday, 7 October 2012

Supercritical by Shawn Kupfer

This is the story of Nick Morrow. He is an Asian American lieutenant in charge of 47 Echo. Set in the future, the units are made up of convicts. Due to the Convict Conscript Act, prisoners are used almost as human shields to the regular forces. To Nick, his unit are his friends and he will guard them with his life. China is at war with the US and now Nick and his rag tag unit are being sent on an almost suicide mission to Shanghai. Can he complete the objective and get everyone out alive or is everyone doomed?

This was a great, action filled story. I loved the characters and I felt for them, always being sent on suicide missions as they were seen as being expendable. The pace was fast and the action unrelenting. The story itself was an interesting one, set in the future. It was a future however that anyone could recognise (apart from the China/Russia war with the US!). The characters were believable, and Nick stood out as the hero, who, having paid his dues, had earned the right to lead his team as a regular Marine. I enjoyed this very much and would be happy to read more from this author.

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