Tuesday, 9 October 2012

No Turning Back by Andy Deane

This is the story of a girl (we never know her name) who has had her family brutally tortured and killed, she is the only survivor and now she has been kidnapped by the men who did it. They in turn torture and rape her. She escapes and runs into a car containing five travellers who are headed to a cottage for a quiet weekend. They take her with them and now the killers are after them too. They are soon trapped in the house, but these are no ordinary killers, they are something far more horrifying....

This was great. It was soaked in blood and gore, just how I like it. It starts off as a typical slasher type story but soon develops into something far more scary and horrific. There was also a twist in the story that was totally unexpected. It is short but perfectly formed! All the action was neatly contained in the package, and I never felt I was needing more. The pace was fast and I devoured it in one sitting. It was delicious and dark and very very well written.

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