Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Lilith by Toby Tate

This is the story of Hunter and Lisa Singleton. They are invited upon the USS Gerald R Ford as part of a media tour. They are shown around the ship and invited to stay aboard for a few days. Unbeknownst to them someone else is aboard, someone not quite human with rather more sinister plans. Something is taking over the crew one by one. Soon Hunter, Lisa and some CIA operatives are in the fight for their lives as they learn that Manhattan, already devastated by a freak hurricane, is now under threat from a nuclear bomb hidden in a back pack somewhere on the island. Can they find the bomb in time or is all life on Manhattan island doomed?

Wow, just wow! This was an absolute roller-coaster! It started off quite slowly as characters were introduced and scenes set. Then about a third of the way through the story just took off and I felt I was running to catch up! It never wavered from the relentless pace until the end. I could quite easily see this being made into a blockbuster film - the characters were solid and believable and the story well rounded and the ending was unexpected and explosive. I totally recommend this, it was enjoyable and climactic.


  1. Thanks for the awesome review - glad you enjoyed it!