Saturday, 11 May 2013

Long Black Coffin by Tim Curran

This is the story of Johnny Breede. A young man whose life isn't really going anywhere, content to goof around and get drunk and high with his best friend Kurt. That is until Kurt winds up dead, asphyxiated in his father's GTO. That same car that his father killed himself in some years previously. Now an evil has been unleashed and Johnny must piece together the mystery before anyone else dies. A mystery that will involve Kurt's family, the woods, Johnny's boss, some missing children and a malevolent entity connected with the car. Can Johnny solve the puzzle or are more people doomed to die?

This was quite creepy. It was a book that I shall be thinking about for quite some time I think. I enjoyed it very much, this being the second book I have read from this author. The characters were all well-rounded, but not really likeable in the conventional sense. The were all wasters but somehow I was invested in finding out more about them. The paranormal aspect of the story was introduced and handled well. Be warned though, some scenes are quite graphic, both gorily and sexually. Not for the faint hearted! If I have one gripe though, it is the car. Supposedly the focal point of the story, I would have liked more back story to it. This is another fine offering from DarkFuse, and I recommend it for a creepy, stay-with-you ghost story.

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