Sunday, 5 May 2013

The Lost Son by Matt Shaw

This is the story of Jason and Emily. they move into a new house with their dog Roald. They haven't been there long before strange things start happening in the house and they have the feeling they aren't alone. The house used to be occupied by Aimee and Ian. They moved out after a tragedy befell the family. What is happening in the house and can Jason get to the bottom of the mystery before anymore sadness occurs?

This is something of a different subject matter for Matt to write about. Normally his books are full on, in your face, gory serial killer thrillers. This was a journey into the world of the supernatural. It was well written and I was sniffling quite loudly by the end. The characters were solid, and as this was longer than Matts usual style, they had more of a chance to develop. The pace was blistering and I spent two nights glued to my Kindle not daring to stop lest I miss anything! I thoroughly enjoyed this and recommend it to Matt fans and new readers alike.

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