Friday, 24 May 2013

Clockwork Dolls by William Meikle

This is the story of what happens when you mess with the Cosmos. Dave doesn't believe in all that New Age mumbo jumbo - he thinks we are all mindless drones going through the motions. That is until one night when he gets exceedingly drunk at a friends party, and asks the Cosmos for a favour. Suddenly he realises he has asked for more than he bargained for and all his friends lives are at risk...

This story managed to creep me out totally, to the extent that I had to stop reading as it was night-time and I was in danger of having nightmares! It was an excellent well rounded short story, the pace was breathless and I found myself getting quite scared while reading. The whole story had that 'what if' type of feel about it. The storyline itself was an interesting one, and there is a lesson in the story too. I recommend this for a quick scary read, but not before bedtime! Darkfuse hits the mark once again!

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