Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Unhallowed Ground by Daniel Mills

This is the story of Henry Feathering. He has accepted an invitation to stay at his Uncle's mansion, and on the way there, by a chance encounter on the train he meets the woman destined to be his wife, Clemency and her brother, Justice. They are traveling to the same town to stay with their elderly aunts. Henry falls in love with Clemency and asks her to marry him while on a walk in the grounds of his Uncles estate. His uncle leaves the estate to Henry, but entreats him not to bring his new wife to live there. Henry ignores him and they move in. Soon things begin to go very wrong for the couple, What is wrong with Clemency and how is it connected to a young woman who committed suicide there, Lily Stark?

This was a dark and brooding gothic tale, set in Victorian times. It bore more than a passing nod to the Poe stories of old, and I loved it for that as I am very fond of Edgar Allen Poe. It was quite a sad tale at it's heart, but a gripping one that kept me page turning. the characters were good and solid and the language and style of writing fitted in with the time period. This is a good novella to read curled up with a mug of tea one rainy afternoon, that will appeal to fans of gothic paranormal horror.


  1. Sounds good. I'll have to check it out. Thanks, Kim.