Sunday, 12 May 2013

The Mourning House by Ronald Malfi

This is the story of Sam Hatch. One new years eve, he tragically loses his family in a car crash after a party at his best friends house. Devastated and bewildered he embarks on a two year drive across America until he is drawn to a ramshackle house. He buys it with the intention of living there and doing it up. That is until he gets the feeling he is not alone....

This is everything a good haunted house novella should be. It is tight, brooding, very descriptive and atmospheric. The lead character is likeable and you feel his pain and feel sorry for him and his loss, and the fact that his sanity is slipping further away the longer he stays in the house. The story has a small cast, so you know who is who at all times. The pace is pretty relentless, grabbing you at the beginning and not letting go until the end. (I read this in one sitting, it grabbed me so totally!) A great haunted house story and a fine example of the genre.

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