Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Missing Years of Thomas Pritchard by Matt Shaw

This is the story of Thomas. He disappears from his bed suddenly when he is five. His parents never give up hope of finding him but eventually move on with their lives. Then 9 years later he turns up on the doorstep of their old house. No one knows where he has been but they are glad he is back. For Thomas he has many things to get used to, like a new sister and life back with his parents. Then strange things start happening around the house and Thomas begins to look like he is ageing....

This is a very poignant sci fi story. This is very much a change for Matt as it is not a horror story. It was strange in places, sad and heart wrenching. There were very few characters which made the story taut and tight. I like a good sci fi mystery and this was just that, it was sad, but at no point did it become maudlin or melodramatic. This is a very different style for Matt and he has pulled it off, with great style. A well paced sci fi mystery with a bit of an emotional ride in the middle. Well done Matt, it is great to see you diversifying and growing as a writer!


  1. Excellent review. As always, makes me want to throw down everything and read it immediately.

  2. Great job, Kim! I too am anxious to get my hands on that book :)