Monday, 25 August 2014

Deceiver by Kelli Owen

This is the story of Matt. He has just buried his wife, Tania, who has been murdered. On going through her suitcase (she travelled around a lot as part of her job) he finds a notebook, with dozens of strange entries in it, rather like a diary. As he reads deeper into the 'diary', he suddenly begins to think that maybe his wife wasn't the woman he thought she was...

This was a very cleverly written story that sucked me in from the first line. The pace was relentless and I read it in two sittings. At first it looked cut and dried but about halfway through it took a turn that knocked me sideways. I was sitting looking at my Kindle going 'Wait.....WHAT??'. Then at the end there was one final twist that left me breathless. I felt for Matt as he tried to come to terms with this new found knowledge of his wife. I really enjoyed this, and it was an excellent debut novella and a worthy addition to the DarkFuse library.

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