Saturday, 9 August 2014

Reaping the Dark by Gary McMahon

This is the story of Clarke. He is a getaway driver. He has been called to do a job but unfortunately it has gone horribly wrong, and leaving 3 bodies in his wake he drives off. He finds a bag of money in his car and decides to start a new life with his pregnant girlfriend. Then she gets kidnapped and he must find her before something awful, and not human gets to her first....

This was quite a creepy story, the creature everyone was running from sent shivers down my spine..Gary's description of it was very detailed and in my head became something quite scary! The pace flowed and I got into it right from the beginning, and got lost in the story very quickly. Although the was only four characters the story was taut and well written. I previously read Gary's Nightsiders and was eagerly awaiting his next DarkFuse release and this did not disappoint.

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