Saturday, 30 August 2014

Relic of Death by David Bernstein

This is the story of a briefcase, that is the harbinger of death, chaos and evil. With the ability to grant its possessor their greatest desires, death and mayhem follow in its wake. It is found in a seemingly empty house by two mob enforcers, they look inside and find millions of dollars worth of diamonds. They steal it, and from there it passes from person to person until the Keeper (the owner of the house) can find it again and lock it back up.

This was an interesting concept. It was many stories within one story that linked up at the end. Each new section followed on from the previous flawlessly and you were never in any doubt as to who was where and when. The pace flowed at a cracking pace, and I read it in one sitting, after only intending to half as I needed an early night! I thoroughly enjoyed this and recommend it totally as a quick, chilling horror read.

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