Sunday, 24 August 2014

Savage by Gary Fry

This is the story of Daryl. He is a cognitive scientist, and has been to a conference. His girlfriend is expecting him back but he decides to go for a drive instead. He runs out of petrol and his car comes to a stop in the middle of nowhere. Spotting a village not too far in the distance he decides to walk there and see if he can get some petrol. Once he arrives however, his real problems start....

I enjoyed this. Yes it was full of big words (that I may have had to use a dictionary for!) but I think that was deliberate to represent the rigidity and inflexibility of the lead character. The book itself was almost a lesson in the extremes of human nature, of discipline and indiscipline. The ending was nice, with lessons learned and Daryl going forward as a far more relaxed individual. A good story that I read in 2 sittings.

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