Monday, 8 August 2011

Dark Corners by Liz Schulte

This is a story about a woman coming to terms with the violent death of her husband and the seemingly haunted house she lives in.

I so enjoyed this. I loved that it was a very different type of murder/thriller story. In that there is a strong paranormal element to it. There was also a taut psychological thread running through the story as well.

I must admit I wanted to slap the main character at first, because of her endless wallowing in self-pity. As the story went on however she 'manned-up' and became stronger and stronger. I was definitely rooting for her to solve the mystery of the house and her husband's murder.

This is not one you really want to read on your own and in the dark. It is VERY creepy in places and my imagination started to really run away with me!Every creak and knock I heard in the house had me jumping like an idiot!

The pace of the story fair rattled along – I simply could not put it down. There were several twists and turns and as each new revelation in the main characters life came to light – so there were more red herrings! The ending was totally unexpected, drawn out beautifully, had me on the edge of my seat and hit me between the eyes!!

In short this is a masterpiece. I urge everyone to give it a try. For a d├ębut novel it is amazing. You won't be disappointed.

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