Sunday, 21 August 2011

Fashion Police by Sibel Hodge

This is the first of the Amber Fox 'chick-lit' mystery series.

I read these out of order but as it happens each of them can be read as stand-alone stories. This is a very funny book. Amber Fox has been thrown out of the police force and is now working for her ex-fiancées insurance company. There are four cases to be sorted out, one of which involves a high profile fashion designer. All the cases end up being linked in ways you would never imagine. Amber seems to lurch from misadventure to comic misadventure, somehow maintaining dignity and sanity. She is chased by the mob and is in love with two men. Whoever said life was easy?

I found this very funny. There were some laugh out loud moments. I implore anyone reading this to have some tissues handy, you will need them after laughing so hard!

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